Born in the United States to French-speaking parents from Québec, I have been a freelance translator for nearly a decade. I translate both ways between French and English. I excel when working on documentation and scholarly output, and especially enjoy the challenge of literary translation, including poetry. Clients appreciate my timeliness and my level of engagement with the texts. Ensuring I properly understand the intended meaning behind a word, a phrase, or a sentence often results in amendations to the source text and clearer copy in both languages.

Clients past and present:

McCord Museum Érudit Institut de recherche et d'informations socio-économiques Alambic Design
Behind the Numbers: A blog from the CCPA

Behind the Numbers

For half a decade, I translated a think tank's blog posts about socio-economic issues from French to English.

Extract of a 14 November 1814 poetic address to the Beaver Club by John Johnston

The excerpt I translated from the Beaver Club minute book, November 14, 1814 (page 54 of Part 2 of the digitization). Gift of David Ross McCord, Beaver Club Fonds P305, M14449.
© McCord Museum

Literary Translation

I've translated both prose and poetry:

Live-tweeting in French the English-language presentations at the SHARP 2019 Conference

Live-Tweeting in Translation

Whenever I attend an event, be it a debate, a panel, or a conference presentation, I tend to live-tweet, often in translation. In doing so, I hope to give broader reach to the information being transmitted or discussed.

I received a Twitter Prize at the 2016 SHARP Conference.

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