I have worked in public consultation, digital campaigning, and social innovation, as well as meeting design and facilitation. As a polymath who studied both the natural sciences and the liberal arts, I am comfortable diving into any new subject to produce a clear exposé. I make a point of explaining concepts that specialists tend to take for granted and I believe in the value of transparency, blogging about the behind-the-scenes of political campaigning and of my own research process.

Front page of the research note on Open Science I wrote for Érudit

Research Reports

I was hired by the Canadian dissemination platform Érudit to produce four bilingual research reports to explain the following concepts to the editorial teams of the periodicals they host:

  • open science;
  • open access;
  • altmetrics;
  • copyright.
Screenshot of my elections blog Primed for the polls

Primed for the polls:
Where we value, observe and translate the elections

I covered two elections on a blog I co-created with fellow retired political activist Martin Patenaude-Monette.

2018 provincial elections in Quebec
I analyzed polling data and explained some behind-the-scenes aspects of campaigning. I translated half of my posts into English.
2019 general elections in the United Kingdom
I explained the shifting English, Scottish, Welsh, and Northern Irish party politics to French-language audiences.
Screenshot of my open notebook, Price One Penny, new series

Price One Penny, new series
An open notebook

I am documenting in a blog the updating of Price One Penny: A Database of Cheap Literature, 1837-1860 thanks to the Research Society for Victorian Periodicals’s 2020 Field Development Grant. Launched in 2010, this digital project focused on early Victorian book history has turned 10 and is celebrating with a facelift.

Live-tweeting in French the English-language presentations at the SHARP 2019 Conference

Live-Tweeting in Translation

Whenever I attend an event, be it a debate, a panel, or a conference presentation, I tend to live-tweet, often in translation. In doing so, I hope to give broader reach to the information being transmitted or discussed.

I received a Twitter Prize at the 2016 SHARP Conference.

Slide from a team workshop on data management and Zotero

Zotero Workshops and Training

I have been using the open-source reference management software Zotero for over a decade.

Designing classification system for the material you use in your reports;
Training your team to use Zotero and your custom classification system.
Leading virtual workshops to teach the basics of Zotero or its more advanced features.

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