Portrait - Marie Léger-St-Jean Credit: Alexandre Claude A freelancer and an independent scholar based in Montréal, Marie Léger-St-Jean has a background in both the sciences and the humanities. She fell in love with research during her Master's and never looked back. She is always looking for new collaborations.

Marie started programming at age 14, hardcoding her father's new department website. The following year, she started contributing to Mozilla's open-source software by joining the localization team. She has always favoured open-source software, adopting LibreOffice, Zotero, R, QGIS, Atom, FileZilla, and WordPress.

Combining her analytical skills with an activist background, Marie has worked in public consultation, social innovation, digital campaigning as well as meeting design and facilitation. To share her knowledge of party politics, she co-founded Primed for the Polls, an elections blog. She wants to concentrate her freelance work on data analysis and outreach, with a focus on open science.

During her doctoral studies at the University of Cambridge, Marie built Price One Penny, a database of rare books, using her programming skills in service of her book history research. Her prolific live-tweeting in translation has landed her a Twitter Prize at the 2016 SHARP Conference. The quality and importance of her research was recently recognized by the Research Society for Victorian Periodicals, which awarded her the Field Development Grant in 2020.

Marie is fully bilingual and has been using her language skills in English and French professionally for nearly 10 years.

Photo credits

Banner image
Basílica de la Sagrada Família, Barcelona.
Personal photo taken on 19 December 2009.
Data image
Marie Léger-St-Jean, “Data visualization during Election Week.” Price One Penny, new series, 8 November 2020.
Outreach image
Marie Léger-St-Jean, “Dressing Southworth in English Garb.” RSVP, held at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Phegley, Twitter (@PhegleyJennifer), 10 September 2016.
Scholarship image
Harriot Flora Curtis, A Lady in Search of a Husband. A romance. London: Purkess and Strange, [1847].
Photo courtesy of Justin Gilbert, private collection.
Translation image
“translation,” Le Robert & Collins, 8th edition, 2006, p. 2127.
Photo of my personal copy.

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